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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Slow Death of Fellowship?

The day has started. I’m off 2 Panera 2 get sum hazelnut coffee. Wish they had a drive-thru.
9:31 AM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

luv Panera. I went in but didn’t have 2 wait in line. Just dropped a couple $$ in the slot & filled up the coffee. Car needs gas.
9:43 AM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Waiting 4 the car 2 fill up. They have little TVs in the pump stations now. Machine just asked if I wnt car wash. Sure.
9:58 AM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Rolling through the car wash. luv the efficiency. Just entered my code & the wash does the rest. Almost finished & then off 2 the bank.
10:10 AM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Drive-thru ATMs rock. Luv that I cn deposit checks thr now as well. In & out quickly.
10:31 AM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Stopping at the library 2 get a book on hold. Waiting 4 me on the shelf.
10:37 AM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Self check-out at the library now! Gr8! Outta hre.
11:01 AM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Heading home for a while.
11:10 AM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Wow - phn msg from my cousin! Haven't hrd from him in 4ever. I'll text him later.
11:43 AM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Doing sum shopping online. Clothes from #Kohls. vid games from #Amazon. gd clearance sales at #Target.
12:31 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Awesome! My Netflix movie arrived. Into The Wild.
1:20 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Will wait on Netflix movie. Castaway with Tom Hanks on TNT. Itz a fav. #sleepy
1:33 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Gd movie and nap. Need some snacks. Off to grocery store. #hungry
4:01 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Wish the lady in front of me wld quit chatting w/ the cashier. Let's MOVE!
4:44 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Just found the self check-out line. Thank God. #Efficient.
4:46 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

The item IS in the bag, you F$%#@$% machine!
4:48 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Finally out of thr & heading back home. Dinner, movie, & then bed.
5:15 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Great movie. A little online poker before bed. Did I register 4 that webinar 2morrow?
9:29 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Wht a productive day! Got a lot accomplished. luv how technology helps – progress is a beautiful thing.
11:19 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck

Just realized that I didn’t speak to a single person today. Interesting. Gd nite.
11:58 PM Mar 1st via TweetDeck


  1. I wanted to offer a more creative take on this societal trend, but the inherent question for fraternal organizations is, "does this matter?" Thanks to technology, we can go through our days fairly isolated now, and perhaps not even notice. As organizations built upon human relationships, are fraternities and sororities growing archaic? Or, are organizations like ours more important now than ever? I don't know the answer, but I find it to be a very interesting question.

  2. Great post. You got the creativity part right, and it is a disturbing trend isn't it?

    I don't think that human connection will ever be supplanted. Like-minded people have always gathered (in physical locations, not just online), and as long as we have universities, we will need homes-away-from-home.