Below is a new video essay I created, challenging us all to take a stand against the forces that jeopardize fraternal organizations today. This is not meant to highlight what's wrong with us, rather, to illustrate what's needed to realize our great potential. I also intend it to be a tribute to those brave enough to take a stand.

NOTE: You may need to let the video load for a minute before starting it (depending on your connection speed).


  1. John, this is an amazing video. Hard to watch at times, but with that powerful of a message, it's certainly worth it! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. John, this video is powerful. I am a Chapter Advisor at the PIKE chapter at the University of Washington. I would love to show this video to my guys. Do you have the youtube URL?

  3. Nathan - it's hosted on this site only. But, you should be able to show it from this site and can make it full screen, etc.