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Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Invocation

(perhaps for your next chapter dinner)

Dear God-

For the innocent and vulnerable children who are victims of abuse,

May You help us develop our members into leaders strong enough to protect them,

To never ignore them,

To always confront those who would do them harm.

In a world that desperately needs individuals with courage and integrity, may the members we develop lead the way,

To step forward, when others shrink back; To stand up, when others sit down.

To do right, when others do nothing.

And for those victims,

Should they ever need a family of brothers or sisters to lean upon,

A sense of peace,

A rock around which to build a stronger life,

A place that respects them and gives them the dignity that they deserve,

Then grant us the strength, the wisdom, and the compassion,

To be a fraternity that will forever welcome them.



  1. Thanks for posting this. That has long been my conviction, that my life, my sorority, my fraternal community, would be marked by intentionality and purpose, and not depraved indifference when we see people around us hurting.

  2. This is great. I changed slightly to use for my own sorority event. I wish more people would take this to heart.