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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Acronymonious Conversation

[somewhere in an elevator in a mid-sized Midwestern city]



Lovely day isn’t it?

Quite lovely.

What brings you to town?

I’m attending a conference.

Oh yeah?  Which one. 


What's FEA? 

Oh sorry - I speak in acronyms sometimes.  FEA is Fraternity Executives Association.

No problem, we use acronyms a lot in our organization too.

Higher ed is full of them.  We have NIC, AFA, NPHC, AFLV, NGLA, SEIFC, SEPC, NASPA, ACPA, and UIFI.  Just to name a few.


I bet it's really weird for others to hear these.   These things are just better known for their acronyms.


How about you?  What are you in town for?

I am also attending a meeting.

Oh yeah, which one?

It’s the annual meeting for the Association of Blatantly Correct and Dentally Energized Farmers Growing Horrendously Important and Judiciously Khaki Legumes Mostly for Nourishment, Ointment Production, and Quasi-scientific Reindeer Science That Undoes Viral Warts on Xenolithic Yellow Zymoids.

[blank stare]

It’s better known by its acronym: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.


Darn it.  You win.

Have a nice day.


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