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Monday, December 16, 2013

Appreciate the Memories

Phi Delts at San Diego State host a Christmas light philanthropy

For me, the holiday season is a memory-making season.  Most of my favorite childhood and family memories come from this time of year.  Maybe that’s true for you too, or perhaps your memorable moments come from other times.  No matter when, memories live all around us, if we take the time to look for them.

As a young father, I’m very aware of the memories my children are building every day.  I hope they are as positive and lasting as possible.

And so, a simple message for this final post of 2013, regarding memories.

Your fraternity years, your sorority years, your college years  - these years can be some of the most memorable in your life.  There are countless moments throughout these years that will stick with you.  Forever.  And the people in these moments will stick with you as well.

Because of this, my recommendation to you is to slow down, stop, and to fully appreciate these years for the memory-making potential they have.

Maybe linger a little longer in that conversation with a brother.  Maybe say yes to that trip with your sisters.  Maybe wake up a little earlier, stay out a little later.  Be more open, more respecting, more willing to trust, and more vulnerable.  Yes guys, you too.

Let the camaraderie be palpable and thick.  Let the laughter boom through the halls.  Let the tears flow if they must.  Weave a story that makes your eyes shine when you share it.

If you are just drifting through this experience then I invite you to wake up and look around.  You will only pass this way once.  Just as my middle child will soon experience Christmas as a 3-year-old for his one and only time, you will never again have these college years back.  You’ll try, but it can’t be the same.

Don’t ignore that fact, and don’t ignore that voice floating in the air – the one that tells us we must make the most of these magnificent, moving, fraternal years.

The memories are waiting.  All that’s needed is you.  In full.

Happy holidays to you and your brothers and sisters.  Thanks for reading.

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