Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Brush Against the Walls of My Life

I was going through some old boxes, and found a stack of high school graduation cards I received many years ago.  I opened one and a slip of paper fell out that had this poem on it.  Back then, it probably only made me smile.  Today, with a little more life behind me, it means so much more.  I wonder how it makes you feel?  For those graduating this year, I encourage you to consider these words.  I encourage you to take that extra few minutes to acknowledge those who helped to write this chapter in your life; those who brushed "against the walls of your life."  Who knows when you will see them again.

 Fairy Tales
It seems wherever I go,
People come into my life, or go out of it--
            Touching me where I feel;
            Then leaving me only a memory,
                          Like the Gossamer fairy tales 
                                        of childhood -- easily forgotten;
And I wasn’t through knowing them.

How do I know
            whom I am seeing for the last time?
How do you halt your life 
            to gather and keep all those that 
            you’ve ever known?
            how do you keep 
                    Fairy Tales from losing their 
                                  m a g i c?

So come,
                  brush against the walls of my life,
And stay long enough for us to know each other,
            Even though we’ll have to part sometimes,
            And we both know the longer you stay,
                   the more I’ll want you back when you're gone.

But come anyway...

            For Fairy Tales are the happiest stories
                   we know.

            And great books 
                   are made of 
                                        little chapters.




  1. I have been looking for this poem for the last week to send to my friends in Montessori training. What a serendipitous surprise, when it was the top of my Google search. Thank you.

  2. The writer's name is Jana Rich.

  3. Thankfully, this was at the top of the Google search. It brought back so many wonderful memories from college days.