The Very Social Media

This is a guest essay by John W. Bloom, a fellow Kiwanian and friend. John is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, a 1967 graduate of Miami University, and a member of the housing corporation for the Zeta-Upsilon Zeta chapter. I enjoyed his reflection on using social media as a continutation of the fraternal experience.  For recent alums, imagine those days without social media to stay in touch with brothers and sisters, and consider how much we may all take for granted how easy it is to remain connected today -- JS

I’m about to get another year older as my 70th birthday is less than a month away.  In recent years I’ve felt like I’m losing the battle to keep up with all the new technologies, but this morning as I reviewed my Facebook posts I had a new awareness.  Regardless of whether or not I use all the capabilities of Facebook, Facebook is one bit of technology that brings me incredible joy.  Here’s why!

I have 473 friends on Facebook, a modest number by some standards, but the majority of them are Lambda Chis.  The list includes current actives and associate members as well as alums from Zeta-Upsilon Zeta (Miami University) and beyond.  

On any given day I can go to my Facebook page and get uplifted, touched, awed, tickled, teased – you name it.  Most of all I get moved by the goodness and kindness of the brothers in the bond.

Here a just a few of the specifics:

Tributes to the passing of the beloved
The home makeovers
The proud parents whether for the first time or the nth time
The appreciative and loving sons and daughters
The achievements – yours and theirs
The laughter and the tears
The travels near and far
The thoughtful, reflective, spiritual moments
The heartfelt prayers for self and others
The sensitivity to those in need and the willingness to address those needs
The talent, the artistry, the athletic prowess
The politics – even if I don’t agree
The Browns, Bengals, Reds, Indians, Cavs, and the….
The Packers, The Patriots (but not the Yankees or the Steelers)
Oxford and Campus Scenes – and behind the scenes
The military service rendered then and now
Intramurals and (Miami) RedHawk hockey
Community service selflessly rendered via Kiwanis, church, Red Cross, Feeding America….
The weddings, births, baptisms, funerals
The eateries and the watering holes
The time parents spend with their children and the love each has for the other

While I’ve observed the above through my Lambda Chi eyes, I’m positive that others, whether Greek or not and whether almost 70 or not, share daily the joy social media can and does bring.


Stop Pretending That Service Matters To Your Fraternity

This is call for fraternity and sorority organizations to stop making service a core principle. 

Or, start doing it well.

Because the half-assed way by which we do it today is really serving no one, so to speak.  It isn’t serving our communities and it isn’t serving the development of our members and organizations.

It might be serving us as great photo ops, fillers for award applications, and likable Facebook posts.

Service is often the first value spoken about by Greek organizations and the last one on the actual priority list.