Me vs. The Couch

I could just sit right here,
On this very comfortable couch,
All day.
And not feel any regret.
Because I’ve done enough for now.
I deserve a break.
No one will miss me if I hole up here for a while.
I can let the couch win.
There’s nothing wrong with a lazy day.

I could just sit right here,
And let myself be distracted,
By the vast wasteland of 600 channels.
Catch up on reality TV,
Check out movies I haven’t seen since…
Last week.
Poker on ESPN, Jersey Shore on MTV.
It’s nice to just do something

I could just sit right here,
Take this controller that is
Connected to that box,
And enter an alternative video game world.
I can blow things up.
I can win the World Series.
I can pretend that I’m a rock legend.
It’s fun,
There’s a sense of achievement,
And of course, I’m improving my
Hand-eye coordination.

I could just sit right here
And stare out of this window.
Sit in a quiet and reflective state.
Contemplate life, develop theories,
Think about what I should do.
Then analyze that thought,
Change my mind,
Start over again,
Be lost in my thoughts.
Just think,
And reflect,
And stare.

I could just sit here
Read about others;
Be a critic.
“Well that was stupid.”
“What on earth was he thinking?”
“I would have done it differently.”
“That will never work.”
And then,
Turn back to reality TV.

I could just sit here
And sleep.
But I can’t,
For no idea, action, or passion
Has exhausted me.
Yet, lethargy is so draining.
So if I can’t sleep,
I’ll just relax instead.


I can’t do that.
I can’t just sit here, I can’t just relax.
I made a decision to do more.
To be a part of a movement.
To strive to be my best self.
To do more with my life.
There are plenty of people
Sitting on couches,
Watching TV, thinking, criticizing,
Playing video games.
But there are not enough of me.

I can’t just sit here because there is a force,
Greater than the gravity
That keeps me grounded.
It’s the force of oaths and commitments
That like a great magnet
Lifts me up,
And pulls me out,
Of hiding.

I can’t just sit here
And stare at a screen,
Or out the window.
I need instead to look directly
Into the weary face of a world that needs me.

The couch beckons me and
I could just sit here.
But I can’t.
And I won’t.
It’s time to get up off this couch,
And get to work.

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  1. Haha I feel like I recite this poem every day. To sit at home and watch TV all day or to be productive...tends to be quite a struggle to choose.