15 signs that you did your fraternity/sorority undergrad years right

15.  You are wiser.  More proud.  More fulfilled.  More engaged in the world around you.  And exhausted.

14.  The last few weeks before graduation feel a lot like this...

13.  As you pack up and sort your stuff, you find that one stupid little thing that you got at that one stupid little event and that has been sitting in the bottom of a stupid little junk drawer, and it makes you grin.  And you toss into into the "KEEP" box.  

12.  The reaction from a potential employer when you explain all of the leadership skills you learned...

11. You have decided to pursue, looked up how to pursue, or even just thought for a hot second about pursuing a career in student affairs or a job as a traveling consultant.

10.   You earn a Mr. Miyagi-like look of pride from your fraternity/sorority advisors.

9The accomplishments, victories, and great moments are running on a loop in your brain.  So are the failures, missed opportunities, and mistakes.

8.  Lately, when you see your brothers/sisters, you just can't help yourself from...

7. You actually graduate.  With decent grades. 

6. The one brother or sister that hated you, that was a thorn in your side, that always seemed to push your buttons, gives you some small notion - whether a handshake, words of thanks, or just a smile - that he or she respects you.

5.  After saying farewell at the final chapter meeting:

4.  When invited to attend a fraternity/sorority celebration years from now, you earn an introduction like this one:

Bono introduces Frank Sinatra at the 1994 Grammys
(easier to view in Chrome or Explorer)

3.  You've probably forgotten the fraternity history lessons you learned in pledging, and some of the famous names, and maybe even the Greek alphabet.  But you remember what Ritual felt like.  And after years of just reciting the creed, you now finally get it.  And believe it.

2.  You are ready for the world.

1.  The chapter is in a better position than it was when you joined, and most importantly, is in a position that can continue to thrive even when you're gone.  You harvested much, and yet, you planted more.  

Smile.  You did it right. 



  1. I graduated nearly 6 years ago and I'd say I did my undergraduate career right. Not because I got any applause or a pat on the back - heaven knows there are things I would do differently - but because I had my fraternal experience so deeply embedded into my way of life. I went on to work for Delta Gamma's Executive Offices for a couple of years and also served as a graduate assistant for Greek Life while getting my MBA. I've seen the spectrum - as a student, as an alumna, as a headquarters staff member, as an advisor, as a student affairs professional. I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything.

  2. This is awesome John, I personally love 15, 11, 8 and 1. Thanks to you and Ellen for continuing to give to the fraternal world!

    Carolyn (Jones) Miner
    Iowa State '98
    Indiana Univ '01

  3. This made me smile for so many Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority members - alumnae to be and over 100 years of active alumnae!

    Remember what Ritual felt like every time you put your letters on.

    Chris Covington
    Alpha Sigma Tau

  4. As a graduating senior who will be a travel consultant in '14-15', this is so very true!

  5. I graduated 40 years ago! I went onto a career in Higher Education (left that after over 20 years to teach). I was an "average" Chapter member, Secretary, loved my Brothers. Did 4 years in the Navy after college and "re-connected" when I started my Higher Ed career at my alma mater. Attended Conclave that year as the alumni rep from my Chapter. Got elected to National Council and served 30 years including time as the National President of my beloved Phi Mu Delta. I do not believe I would have ever graduated from college had it not been for the support and love of my Brothers. There is NOTHING I won't give to Phi Mu Delta. After my faith and family it is the most important, influential thing in my life. I must have done something right since my oldest son is also a Phi Mu Delta (different Chapter) and now serves as the Executive Director of the Fraternity! I only wish that EVERY Greek could experience what I have and feel the pride I do.

  6. All but number 11.
    SAE made me a man.

    Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kansas Alpha 1960

  7. Excellent article, initiated 44 years ago. I talk with my brothers almost weekly. We followed each other's children as they grew up, did business together when we could, laughed and cried through life's challenges. Best decision I ever made.