Resolutions Revised

 Focus on better priorities.
   Focus on different priorities.
      Spend more time with family.

          Call mom more often.

Focus more on my fraternity.

Win the chapter of the year award.

    Earn the chapter of the year award.

Have better chapter meetings.
   Have shorter chapter meetings.
      Have more relevant chapter meetings.

Do 100 service hours.
   Do 200 service hours.
      Do 300 service hours. 
         Do as much service as we can - as often as possible.

Be more like that fraternity across the street.

    Be more like that fraternity our founders intended.

Recruit a lot more members.
   Stop focusing on quantity, and start focusing on quality.
       Wait.We can have both.

Memorize the creed.

    Internalize the creed.

 Win Greek Week.  Sure, why not.

Get more guys to live in the house.

   Make the house more of a home.

Redefine my fraternity’s purpose.

    Rediscover my fraternity’s purpose.

Hang out with my brothers more.

    Learn something new and profound about each of my brothers.

Be a better brother.
   Be the best brother that I can be.
       Just listen more.

Stop being a competitive jerk and caring so much about winning.
    Keep being competitive and care more about winning. Just stop being a jerk.

Be better about writing on friends’ Facebook walls.

    Invest in a jumbo pack of greeting cards and a good ballpoint pen.

 Spend more time on
    It's time to grow up.

Party more.
    Contribute more.

Be a better member.

    Be a stronger leader.

Learn to be more satisfied.

Learn to be more comfortable.

Leave a legacy.

    Do something significant that impacts others.

Give my soul to my fraternity
    Give my time and talents to my fraternity.  Save my soul for myself.

happiness fulfillment.

glory respect.

recognized productive.

Spend more time relaxing.
  I can do that when I’m dead.

Make this a year to remember.
   Make this a year that matters.

Read my fraternity Ritual.
    Live my fraternity Ritual.

Be a better student.

    Live my fraternity Ritual.

Be someone that makes an impact.
   Be significant.
       Live my fraternity Ritual.

Be stronger.
   Be more courageous.
       Live my fraternity Ritual!

Be ethical.
    Be values-based.
      Be a role model.
          Be described as a man of high character.

             Live my fraternity Ritual!

Be a better man.

    Live my fraternity Ritual!  And call mom more often.


  1. Spend more time on
    It's time to grow up.

    Perfect, I hope when I pass this on, it helps. Great post again John.