Fraternity Board Member Application

Please answer the questions honestly with either "YES" or "NO."

Name: ________________________________

1. Was the name you wrote above your fraternity nickname?    YES /NO

2.  Is your working theory of dealing with college students centered on command and control?     YES / NO

3. Are you in this for the free dinners and travel to convention?     YES / NO   

4. Do you think you can do the Executive Director's job?    YES / NO

5. Do you want to do the Executive Director's job?    YES / NO

6. Do you have a pet project that will become your singular answer to every challenge the fraternity faces?    YES / NO

7. Do you have Roberts Rules of Order memorized and/or an autographed copy?    YES / NO

8. Are you excited to answer every big-picture strategic question with the words, "Well, in my chapter..."    YES / NO

9. Do you think every undergraduate should have the same exact fraternity experience you had?    YES / NO

10. Strategic plans are stupid, right?     YES / NO

11. Do you approach boardroom debates like King Leonidas fighting the Persians at Thermopylae?    YES / NO

 12. Do you feel it's best if the staff's reaction to you is based on fear?    YES / NO

13. Does your fraternity resume include “Hell Week Chair?”    YES / NO

14. Do you believe you are the only one who can save the fraternity and all of fraternity-kind?    YES / NO

15. Do you love to "play politics?"     YES / NO

16. Do you like to share your opinions via 3-page email rants, to which you have copied every person in the fraternity directory?    YES / NO


18. Are you still thinking about your pet project?    YES / NO

19. Does the word "micromanage" make you smile and/or giggle?     YES / NO

20. Do you plan to buy undergraduates drinks in order to get their votes?    YES / NO

21. Is your home chapter untouchable?     YES / NO

22. Is any chapter untouchable?     YES / NO

23. Do you consider any of the following to be the devil incarnate: email, Instagram, Twitter, or text messages?    YES / NO

24. Do you plan to ignore the financial reports because numbers make you tired?    YES / NO

25. Do you believe that the hallway or the parking lot after the meeting is where the real business gets done?    YES / NO

26. Will nothing stand in your way of having The Rock or Taylor Swift be the keynote speaker at convention?     YES / NO

27. Would a colleague describe you as someone who likes to raise his/her voice in order to make a point?    YES / NO

28. Do you think it’s a fun challenge to walk into the board meeting completely unprepared and see how long you can fly by the seat of your pants?    YES / NO

29.  Can your motivations for completing this application best be summed up by the words "ego trip?"     YES / NO

Thank you.  Please be aware that if you answered YES to any of the questions above, we will promptly dispose of your application.  We have plenty of those board members already.  Have a great day.

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  1. I just discovered you blog, after being referred by a Delta Chi board member from the University of Pittsburgh chapter.

    Thinking more broadly about your ideas/questions, I'm hoping to take to heart the soul of the questions and expand them for use when seeking new board members for our WPSR (Washington Physician's for Social Responsibility) chapter.

    Thanks for thinking outside of the box!