What Will the Historians Say?

Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity.
– Maximus (Russell Crowe in Gladiator)

The work you are doing with your fraternity, organization, career, etc. may be interesting, compelling, invigorating, and inspiring.

However, would it pass the Historian Test?

I’ve been working with this idea of a “Historian Test” for a few years now as a way to measure the quality of my work at Kiwanis.  Any organization can use it, and it’s really quite simple.  The test is based on a very apparent, yet often forgotten notion:  you are living through a moment of your organization’s history.  How will this moment be described by those historians who will analyze it in the future? 

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  1. John, I think this is an excellent way to examine an organization's health and critically consider how actions now may impact the future. Thanks for writing such a thought-provoking blog article.

  2. Great read. Was searching the term "Fraternity Historian" and came across the blog post. I believe my fraternity will pass the history test. In any event, thanks for the excellent article!